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Biodegradable plastic spoon

Biodegradable plastic spoon
Model Number:RPS-06
Customers are voting with orders and this is our best product and we believe the very best of the best in the cutlery segment for our world class forks, spoons and knives!  Why use anything else when you can use corn plastic cutlery and make yourself feel good, your customers feel good, and help reduce global warming in the process?  These items are our biggest sellers and for good reason – we have augmented our PLA blend to insure these sturdy utensils can take the heat!  They perform way above boiling water but they break down and biodegrade when you discard them at the end of your meal. 

 So the only losers are those big oil companies that supply plastic to the makers of traditional disposable cutlery. And we don't know about you but we're okay with that!

These items tested our design skills during our first year in business – but we kept going and really got them "right" and feel that our cutlery is the best in the industry - and priced right too!  See why our customers love this product and see why your customers will love you just a little bit more when you tell them that this cutlery is your way of showing that you too care enough to spend a few pennies more to save the planet.  The dollars they reward you with will make you smile because behind every happy customer is a happy business owner!

Biodegradable plastic spoon Biodegradable plastic spoon

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